Paul Zarzyski –programs 1 & 2

April 1, 2008 - Paul ZarzyskiWe’re proud to introduce the very first Of The West episodes, featuring poet and ex-bareback bronc rider Paul Zarzyski.
Paul Zarzyski received the 2005 Montana Governor’s Award for the Arts and has been a featured performer at the Elko Cowboy poetry gathering for 20 years. His book, Wolf Tracks on the Welcome Mat, won the Spur Award from the Western Riders of America.

Philip talks with Paul Zarzyski at the Historic Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton, Montana.

Listen to part 1:

Download part 1:     Zarzyski part 1

Listen to part 2:

Download part 2:  Zarzyski part 2

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  1. Very cool! My two favorite Montana men tickling the ears of my soul. I feel I have been “weaned on the marvelous!” Merci Beaucoups!

  2. Kathleen and I very much enjoy your music and can’t wait to check out the radio show. We also hope to check out the hi-line and stay at your B&B again this year.
    We tell everyone who will listen how great it is to visit you and virgelle. Nice job also on Class C. We really want to know when we can purchase the soundtrack.
    We already have the movie.

    Here’s wishing you much luck and good things happening. It has been a little too political in Misserablea what with the likes of obamahillary travelling circuses etc. so have been taking food bank volunteers and friends down the bitterroot. Moderate trout-foolery success.
    Have you checked out Prairie Mary’s blog? it is great.

  3. Almost forgot to share our blog with you. go ahead and add it to your list if you want.

    oh yeah and the invite to float fish the bitterroot is extended again whenever you are in misserablea.-Bill
    we will get the word out about the new site.

  4. Yippee! Paul Z on the radio with PA! Thank you for recognizing Paul’s work and humanity in pursuing–What is poetically possible and humanly necessary.
    Thank you.

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