Mokey McNeilly – program 18

Michael “Mokey” McNeilly spent 17 years as a professional actor in Hollywood appearing in over 40 productions, with the Mark Taper Forum, the John Ford Theatre, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., the Theatre Exchange. He has appeared in movies, television, commercials and was a Mighty Carson Art Player with Johnny Carson. His company Mimeprov has performed his original works JUNGLE LIFE and THE LOST JOURNALS OF LEWIS AND CLARK. He recently wrote THE PIRATE PLAY which premiered in 2009. For the last 15 summers he has guided fly fishers down the Smith River.


Download: Mokey

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Bob Quinn – program 17

Bob Quinn grows high quality organic grains in Big Sandy, Montana.  For over 20 years he has utilized environmentally sound practices to produce Kamut brand Khorasan wheat, buckwheat, lentils, hard red winter and spring wheat, hull-less and feed barley, oleic sunflower & safflower, black Indian corn, peas, alfalfa, clover, dry land vegetables – winter squash, potatoes, onions & sweet corn.  Phil headed out of the studio and went straight to the source, visiting Bob on his farm for a fascinating discussion about his life and legacy.

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Kate Hunt – program 16

IMG_1463Sculptor Kate Hunt visited Phil in our Chester studio to talk about small town sensibility, and the realities of sending her work out into the world.

see Kate’s work at

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From Yale to the Prairie – Tales of Dr. Buker program 15


Dr. Buker

Dr. Buker

Dr. Buker came to Chester in the 50s and established a rural hospital that today boasts 25 beds, emergency services and a clinic.  In these parts he is legend.  What brought him to a small town in Montana?  For that matter, why did he pursue a career in medicine?   Philip talks with Doc about his life before arriving in Montana, and several fascinating entrepreneurial and culinary adventures as he made his way through medical school at Yale.  It takes a certain kind of fortitude to be a rural doctor, and as you listen, you’ll realize Doc Buker has always had that in spades.

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Steve Aaberg — program 14

Over the course of his career, archeologist Steve Aaberg has crafted an interesting specialty, paleoethnobotany: the study of plant use in pre-contact cultures.   On a recent fishing trip he and Phil talked about music, archeology, their home town Chester, and Steve’s profound respect for the Plains cultures.   He reminds us that in order to preserve the future we must respect the past.Steve & Philip





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Sharon Dynak –program 13

As president of the Ucross Foundation, Sharon Dynak wears many hats;  advisor, juggler, economist, politician, soother of  egos.  Wrangling creative people can be challenging, but Sharon has a way of making the artists feel at home, supported and appreciated for what they do.   Philip talked with Sharon at the new composer’s cabin at Ucross, about the transition from the world of publishing in New York to this artist colony in rural Wyoming.

Sharon Dynak's agents Iris and Jewel

Sharon Dynak's agents Iris and Jewel











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Philip Aaberg: Music & the River – program 12

photo courtesy of Jill Brody
photo courtesy of Jill Brody

Philip Aaberg is known for creating music that evokes a feeling of Montana’s rivers, sky, mountains and plains.  Explore the idea of nature as inspiration in music – complete with some examples from the keyboard.



Download: Aaberg Music and the River

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Jack Mahood: A Short Story – program 11

Jack Mahood web

Jack Mahood was a classic.  He played his horn at The Ozark Club in Great  Falls, Montana, caring about the music and not about race.  He loved jazz, he loved art, and most of all he loved his wife Dora. 


Philip had the privilege of getting to know Jack and hearing his stories about “back in the day”.


 Download: Jack Mahood: A Short Story

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David Lake – program 10

“Lake|Flato’s architecture can serve as a lesson for us all: how a building stands to the sun, how it welcomes the cooling breeze, how it partners with plant materials. Nothing sensational or exotic, no visual fireworks of fashion, just architecture that intrigues the mind, delights the soul, and refreshes the eye with its elegant detail and simplicity. Timeless architecture needn’t shout …” William Turnbull, FAIA

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! David Lake talks to Philip about Plains architecture and the 100 mile rule.


Download: David Lake

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David Romtvedt –program 9

David RomtvedtPoet, musician, professor, a true Renaissance man.  David Romtvedt is all of these things, with a generous spirit and zest for life that shines through, even on the radio. 


Download: David Romtvedt

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